Sellers Support

Seller Support

The following should give you the basics of setting up and managing your shop.

How do I open a shop?

First you need to be registered as a member which you can do here. Then once you have activated your account simply go to “Open My Shop” in the menu and fill in the application to open your shop.

How do I access my shop?

Once you’ve been approved as a seller you will be able to work on your shop.  You can access it by clicking “My Shop” in the menu.

What is the dashboard?

When you click on “My Shop” you will always arrive on the “Dashboard”.

This will show all your sales, commission paid to nuMONDAY, total orders, total amount of sales etc.

How do I add a product?

To add your first product you click My Shop > Manage Products > Add Product

What is a product tag?

Tags are terms that will describe your product and help users find them when searching. For example if you have a product that is suitable for a fathers day gift then you might have a page “fathers day gift” for example.

What size should photos be for products?

We recommend photos that are 600 x 600 pixels for uploading for products.

Products that are not square dimensions could lead to the pictures not showing properly on certain devices.

What is the difference between "Regular Price" and "Sale Price"?

The “Regular Price” is the normal price of your product.

The “Sale Price” is the price of your product on offer if you decided to lower it for a certain period.

You can also schedule a sale on a product by clicking “Schedule” under “Sale Price”.

What is a product type?

There are two types of products, a “Simple Product” or a “Variable Product”.

A “Simple Product” is a product that is standard, i.e there are no variations in colour or size.

If your product comes in a different size, colour or personalisation then you would select “Variable Product”.

How do I add a variation of my product i.e. size or colour?

Find out how to add variations to your products i.e. different sizes or colours by following our step by step guide in Talk nuMONDAY here.

What are "Linked Products"?

There are two different types of “Linked Products” that you can add to your items and we highly recommend you using this tool to increase your chances of sales.

Up Sells

By selecting items already in your shop by typing in their titles, you can enable them to appear on that products page when customers are viewing your item.

This will encourage customers to click into more of your items and search more of your shop, increasing your chances of a sale.

Cross Sells

An “Cross Sell” appears at the Cart stage of the customer journey.

If you select items for “Cross Sell”, these will appear when the customers goes to checkout with that item and encourage them to potentially buy more from your shop.

You can see what these look like and to find out more of how to do add these options to your items here.

How do I remove or edit products?

You can edit or remove items by going to My Shop > Manage Products

How do I manage my orders?

My Shop > Customer Orders

This allows your to inform the customer that their order has been shipped, print of shipping labels, add notes, tracking numbers or view the order details.

How do I change my store name?

My Shop > Settings > Store

How do I change my store description?

My Shop > Settings > Store

I would like to remove my address and phone number from the shop details?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Store > Store Address

My Shop > Shop Settings > Store > Phone Number

Please ensure you keep the Store Country selected as this will affect customers ability to buy from you at checkout as it will not be able to calculate shipping accurately.

I am going on holiday can I put my store in vacation mode?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Store > Tick Vacation Mode

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid directly via nuMONDAY, you will need to connect your Stripe account.

You can do this by going to My Shop > Shop Settings > Payments

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an independent payment provider much like PayPal, except they charge lower fees, offer full buyer and seller protection and allow us to send the money for each of your sales immediately to you when a customer goes through checkout.  You can read an independent review about Stripe here or read more about them directly on their website here.

How do I add a store photo and cover photo?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Branding

We recommend store photos to be 400 x 400 pixels and cover photos to be 1280 x 300 pixels.

Why is my products photo is not showing on my shop?

Remember to ensure you have added a Featured Image as this will be the main image for your product. Without it, your product will not have a photo and customers will be less likely to view it.

Why does my shop description not have paragraphs?

We recommend you keep your shop description short, catchy and focussed on what you sell or what your brand represents.

How do I change my shipping policy?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Shipping

You can change your stores shipping policy and state whether you provide international shipping.

It is important you have a clear shipping policy for customers.

How do I add my social media links to my shop?

My Shop > Shop Settings > Social

Ensure you type http:// before each link in order for it to show on your shop.

How do I add a coupon for my customers?

You can add a coupon for your customers to receive a discount on your shop by going to My Shop > Manage Coupons

What is my unique shop website address?

Every shop on nuMONDAY has a unique address so you can add it to your external social media links:

i.e. if your shop is called nuMONDAY it would be

I have another question?

You can contact us at at anytime and we will endeavour to respond to your request within 24 hours (we are usually a lot quicker).