Why Sell With Us

Why Sell With Us

Join a community of over 630 of the best small businesses, creative talents and hobbyists in the UK who are turning their dreams and passions into reality.

Why Would I Sell on nuMONDAY?

Because we care about small and creative businesses.  We want to provide a platform where likeminded businesses and customers can come together in one community to share, buy, sell and develop their brands, ideas and knowledge with one another.

What Makes You Different?

Being a small start up gives us a personalised feel to our marketplace.  We want our community of users to feel as though they contribute to the bigger objective which is to grow a community that people are proud of and to create something special.  Our tools such as friends lists, news feeds, walls, groups and forums enable users to interact and share their thoughts and feelings within the creative world.

How Much Do You Charge?

Unlike other online platforms we do not charge an upfront payment or listing fees.  We simply take a 10% fee off all sales on the site, which in turn we use to drive traffic to nuMONDAY via social media advertising and creating a better platform for our users.  We hope to reduce this over time as we gain more users and become more established.

How Do I Receive Payment?

When you open your shop you will have the opportunity to set up your payment account. This can be found My Shop > Shop Settings > Payment > Connect Stripe Account.  We use Stripe as our payment provider as it offers full seller and buyer protection.  You will receive sales immediately from buyers (minus the 10% commission charge).  Full shipping costs are given to the Seller and these are exempt from commission fees.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an independent payment provider much like PayPal, except they charge lower fees, offer full buyer and seller protection and allow us to send the money for each of your sales immediately to you when a customer goes through checkout.  You can read an independent review about Stripe here or read more about them directly on their website here.

How Do I Open A Shop?

If you are still to register with us you can open your very own shop by starting the process here, activating your account and then going to “Open My Shop” in the menu to get started.

If your have already registered with us you can open your shop by logging in and going to “Open My Shop”.